Search for swimmer in Vero Beach scaled back

VERO BEACH, FL (WFLX)-- Officers with the Vero Beach Police department announced Monday that they will sporadically check area beaches for the body of 22-year-old Christopher Milfort, while the U.S. Coast Guard has called off their search.

Authorities say Milfort was swept out into the ocean Friday night while swimming off South Beach Park in Vero Beach.

Coast Guard crews searched for the young man from Hawaii by air in a helicopter and on the water in Coast Guard boats.

They say his body could be anywhere because of the currents of the ocean.

Officials aren't sure if rip currents played a role in Milfort's disappearance.

Meteorologists say there was a low chance of rip currents on Sunday.

Police say Milfort went missing around 6 p.m. Friday night.

It happened, they say, about an hour after lifeguards left for the day.

Cops say they will return to beach access points when the sun comes up Monday and sweep the scene on ATV's.

They say they will alert lifeguards to be on the look out for Milfort's body.

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