Thousands of bees invade Lake Park home

LAKE PARK, FL (WFLX) - Swarming around the outside of a crack no larger than the size of a flashlight, hundreds of bees could be seen swarming in the backyard of Lake Park home.

Justin Hair, who lives inside the home along the 8600 block of Satellite Terrace, said the bee situation is even worse inside the house he is renting. Hair said he finds and kills close to one hundred bees everyday.  

"Just a wall of moving creatures," said Hair.

The tenant said he first noticed the problem when his dog Gracie had to be rushed to the veterinarian after he discovered she had been bit several times on her nose.

When he checked the outside of the home he is renting, he found hundreds of bees swarming, burrowed inside the wall of the house.

"It's frustrating. I've got my family here and my animals," said Hair.

Hair said since he is renting, he cannot hire a beekeeper or pest control company to remove the bees. Crews will not work on the home unless the landlord places the work order.

"I don't feel like getting stung by that many bees because once one of them gets you the rest of them are coming," said Hair.

When reached for comment, the landlord of the home said he did not want to speak over the phone or in person. He did say he is trying to fix the problem on his own by using foaming sealant.

"You certainly don't want to attack this on your own," said Robert Migliara of Critter Control Pest Company.

Migliara estimated there are at least 10,000 honey bees burrowed inside the home. He said foaming sealant does not work, a person has to dig into the walls to remove the honey and the hive.

"The bees are going to continue. It's going to cause a problem for the entire neighborhood. We're talking 100,000 bees in one area in a confined space." said Migliara.

In a week, Hair fears his problem will become the problem of his entire neighborhood which is full of families and children.

"I'm a big guy but that's a big hive," said Hair.

Experts with Critter Control Pest Company said bug spray does not work either. Sprays only agitate bees. The real problem is deep inside the walls of the home.

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