Science may lead to hit & run driver

ROYAL PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - The SUV suspected of being used in the hit and run crash that killed Kathy Rigby is now in the impound lot at the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

Sources said it was found at a home on 22nd Road North in Loxahatchee Groves.

The sheriff's office has neither charged anyone from the home nor said if anyone in the home is a person of interest.

However, PBSO said there is no reason to believe the SUV that hit Rigby was stolen. "As far as finding the car goes, that's easy nowadays," former state prosecutor Ellen Roberts said.

Roberts said finding who was actually driving the car is the hard part of the investigation. "The question is, who's the owner of the car?" Roberts said. "Is that person the primary driver of the car? Does anybody else drive the car?"

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said they'll have to scientifically prove who was driving the SUV. "That probably means they're going to have to find some type of evidence that's linked to that vehicle," Roberts said.

If the airbag deployed, Roberts said figuring out who was driving is easier.

Without the airbag deploying, though it's challenging; she said investigators can still find out who was driving the SUV. "The sheriff's office is very good at taking that evidence and analyzing it very carefully and determining who was the driver," Roberts added. "Then there's always that last inch hope that the driver will have some kind of conscious and come forward."

Roberts also said case law requiring proof the driver knew they hit a person and not something else is another hurdle authorities face.

In the Rigby case, it was still light at the time of the crash, which might help authorities.

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