Two brothels busted in Lake Worth

LAKE WORTH, FL (WFLX) - Some neighbors are fed up with brothels moving from house to house in their Lake Worth neighborhood.

Palm Beach County sheriff's investigators busted two brothels: one on C Street and another on E Street. "What happens is when they do a bust in one place, the prostitutes move to another place," neighbor Rob Cunnigham said.

Eduardo Macario-Velasquez was arrested by Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputies and charged with running a house of prostitution.

A PBSO undercover agent went to Macario-Velasquez's house in the 200 block of South C Street. The deputy, according to the arrest report, asked Marcario-Velasquez about the availability of prostitutes at the house and the fees that they charge for sex.

The agent was told that he would pay for services and then receive a poker chip to pay the prostitutes.

Deputies served a search warrant on the South C St house on June 15th and arrested Macario-Velsaquez.  

Two women were also arrested.

Some neighbors say they've noticed the prostitutes in the neighborhood. "Their hair is not brushed and when they are hanging out on the corner not doing anything, you kind of know what they are up to," Cunningham said.

Other neighbors haven't noticed the illegal activity and say they can't imagine people coming from outside the neighborhood to engage in prostitution. "I don't think you would have people that were here on vacation or whatever coming down this street looking for prostitutes," neighbor Dawn Malega said.

According to documents, the two suspected prostitutes have already bonded out.

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