Delray attorney sues Justin Bieber

DELRAY BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A music superstar is in the crosshairs of a Delray Beach attorney.

A bodyguard for Justin Bieber was served with a lawsuit this week for allegedly beating up a photographer who was trying to take pictures of Bieber in Miami on June 5.

The lawyer says the lawsuit is about much more than a celebrity or pictures that are worth big money.

He says if Bieber can get away with intimidating photographers, the First Amendment is at stake.

During a 911 call placed by photographer Jeff Binion on June 5, Binion said he was outside a Miami recording. studio when he was attacked. "Some security guys for Justin Bieber took my camera. They were gonna smash it. They took my memory card out of the camera," Binion said.

Binion's attorney, Russell S. Adler, says Bieber's bodyguards, including Hugo Hesny, went across the street to choke Binion, shove him and threaten him with a gun in order to get Binion to give up his memory card. "In our country, when you're in public, anybody has the right to take your picture," said Adler. "Just because Justin Bieber is a celebrity and a superstar, does not give him any greater rights than anybody else."

The lawsuit goes after not only Bieber's bodyguard but also Bieber himself.

The suit says Bieber failed to properly supervise his bodyguards and that Bieber should have known the plaintiff was likely to be injured by his bodyguards. "This was the third time this happened on his trip to Miami," said Adler. "Justin Bieber has to be stopped. He has to grow up."

The suit alleges that Hesny did not have a state license to be a bodyguard nor a concealed weapons permit. "He was choking me to take my stuff," said Binion.

"This could have happened to any person who might have been standing there with a camera hoping to snap a picture of Justin Bieber. This goes back to the First Amendment," said Adler.

Attempts for comment from Bieber and Hesny were unsuccessful.

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