New audio from officer-involved shooting

STUART, FL (WFLX) - A newly-released audio recording of police dispatch audio shows the moments before 22-year-old Raymond Herisse of Boynton Beach was killed by 16 bullets, from eight Miami Beach and four Hialeah police officers.

It happened during Miami's Urban Beach festival on Memorial Day weekend in 2011. "There's a vehicle fleeing southbound on Collins," said an officer. "I believe he struck one of the officers," said a second officer.

Later, you hear a third officer shout, ‪"Shots fired! Vehicle fleeing at high rate of speed Espanola and Collins Avenue!"‬

But the audio doesn't say who fired the shots, nor does it detail why police opened fire.

Herisse's family attorney, Marwan Porter, spoke of the incident from his Stuart office. He said security camera video of the scene shows Herisse was not threatening police. "His car was in a stationary position," said Porter. "The officers had the scene under control."

The audio plays six seconds of gunfire, as eight Miami Beach Police Department and four Hialeah Police Department officers fire a total of 116 shots.

‪Gunshot residue tests show Herisse did not fire a weapon that day.‬ ‪He did have a gun in his car, found three days after the shooting in his bullet-ridden vehicle.‬

Autopsy reports show Herisse was intoxicated. Police have not made any statement responding to the incident.

Porter says Herisse's family is now suing the police departments for wrongful death, claiming Herisse was "executed" by excessive force.

"Somebody dropped the ball," said Porter. "We need to figure who that is, what entity that is, and make sure it doesn't happen again."

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