Using raspberry ketones & green coffee bean

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL (WFLX) - Starring down the aisles full of vitamins and supplements, how do you know which products are the safest?

"When it comes to supplementation, you have to be very careful with the ingredients," warned Kimberly Olson. "You're looking for 100 percent pure, well harvested, natural and other ingredients."

Olson with Genesis Today explains there shouldn't been any added ingredients, so you're not wasting your money. "Genesis Today is a natural supplement company. They're well known for their natural supper fruit juices, but they've really made a lot of headway with their 100 percent plant-based line and their weight management line, as well."

Basically, you can eat 20 cucumbers, a bowl or broccoli or you can take a supplement. "What Genesis Today has done, which has been pioneered by Dr. Lindsay Duncan, he's gone through the whole world looking for the most nutritious foods on the planet. For example, the Genesis Greens. There's a packet, and it's powered, and you can add it your smoothie or your juice. That's equivalent to three to five green, leafy vegetables."

Living in South Florida means swim suit season year round, so you may want to try raspberry ketones. "It's been known in the medical community because it's so popular, and it's been linked to weight management. So body builders, super models have been using this for decades. It's been shown, with different studies, it can help you burn more calories at rest. It can help you inhibit fat formation and breakdown fat cells. Again, it's really important to be 100 percent pure."

You always want to check with your doctor first, but these types of supplements could actually keep you from needing medical assistance.

"My favorite testimonial is probably green coffee bean. Green coffee bean is just how it sounds. This isn't the bean that's in your cup of Joe. This is in the raw form, and it has a compound called 'chlorogenic acid' that's also a Genesis Today product. And I actually had a client that lost over 70 pounds. He was supposed to have bypass surgery done. He canceled his surgery. I had another client that was taking blood pressure medication, it was heredity, that no longer takes blood pressure medication. And I've just seen a lot of people lose those stubborn pounds when they've tried everything."

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