Receive free nutritional counseling at Tunie's

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL (WFLX) - Cleanse, organic, vitamins oh my! Changing your overall health can be daunting and expensive, but it's Tunie's to the rescue.

Janet Cimorelli is a licensed nutritionist, with years of experience, who is on staff at Tunie's to help folks of all ages and sizes improve their nutritional habits. "I will put them together with the right supplements. I will introduce them to right foods they need. I'll put together a whole program based on their priorities."

You can come see Cimorelli as often as you like. You just need to make an appointment, and the best part is this is a free service Tunie's offers everyone.

"I have a private counseling service, as well, and it's a $125 an hour, and I do the very same things here at Tunie's that I do at a private session," said Cimorelli. "Bring your blood work. I'll help you review your blood work and bring any medications that you are taking. So I can tell you possibly where the medications might be contributing to some health issues."

Cimorelli says they are a lot of common "healthy eating" misconceptions. "Sometimes, sweeteners that they are told are natural, and they're using them because they're zero calorie, but they still spike their blood sugar. They still have a lot of chemical contamination."

Meaning, I have to cutout the Crystal Light. "Have you heard of EmergencyC? There's an option to your Crystal Light. Nice flavor and good quality nutritional support. So you'll support your energy. You'll support your immune system, and still get good taste."

Being in the fitness circuit, I hear a lot of people doing cleanses, but I've never done one myself. Good news, Cimorelli says, cleansing doesn't always mean starving. "They can use any one of the protein powders that are combined with greens and other types of vegetable powders, grain powders, and if you're using a small amount of that formula, every hour and a half, maybe you won't get hungry. You're going to keep your blood sugar level very stable, and you're going to being absorbing the nutrients in a very efficient way, and very gradually, you're going to be cleansing. And I tell people, essentially, you need to know about cleansing all the time. You need to think about the foods you're taking in. And to the greatest extent possibly, remove those things that you know are not good for you. Things that come in a box with a lot of chemicals ingredients, you really need to avoid."

But it's not just what we take in orally that contributes to overall healthy.

Rachel, "Also, I think a lot of people think they're eating healthy, again, but, just being outside, doesn't our body absorb pollutions that we also need to cleanse out, as well?"
Janet, "There's no question about that. You think of some of the not health supporting ingredients in shampoos, in conditioners, in makeup, cleansers, in deodorant, in toothpaste, all of those different things, if you're not purchasing them with an eye to keeping healthy, then you're exposing yourself to some toxic ingredients. So you need to chose the highest quality ingredients that you're putting on your body and you need to know about the things that are very gentle cleanses that can be --- Zinc, you can take Zinc every day. Zinc enhances the detox passageways. Zinc helps produce the enzymes that break down toxins. Vitamin C, people who have never done a cleanse, one of the things you can do is a vitamin C flush. I told you about Emergency C. There's a lot of different chewable or powdered or encapsulated vitamin C products. And if you were to take, there are very specific instructors for a vitamin C flush. That's a very basic way, once again to cleanse on a cellular level."

Janet Cimorelli is available Mondays from 2 to 6:30 p.m. Call 561-721-8787 for an appointment.

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