What is Tunie's?

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL (WFLX) - After 20 years of impacting the health of Coral Springs residents, Tunie's Natural Grocery and Vitamin Market has expanded to Palm Beach Gardens.

Normally, I associate healthy, organic foods with cost, but Tunie's is changing my mentality. "Just because something's good for you doesn't mean that it has to cost a lot," said store manager Jon Bukowski. "We try to do things a little bit differently. Our mantra is bringing healthy nutrition to the masses. You don't have to be incredible affluent to make healthy choices for your family.

Therefore, all their groceries are priced at wholesale pricing and all supplements are discounted. "Whatever discounts we receive from the manufactures, we pass on to the consumer. And being in a community that's not really used to that kind of mentality, the response has been incredible."

Tunie's receives food deliveries three times a week. "So everything is nice and fresh."

And no matter what kind of supplement you're looking for, Tunie's has it. "I think you'd be hard press to find a selection of vitamins, herbs and minerals any larger than what we offer here at Tunie's."

Now, most people understand the importance of healthy eating and taking quality supplements, but what about selecting high quality toiletries? "Health doesn't necessarily only come from what we put in our bodies, but what we put on our bodies. What we put on our body and what's around us impacts us, as well. There's a lot of products out there that are in people's homes that contain tons of chemicals. We like to have an alternative for people who want to attack the whole healthy lifestyle."

One thing the Palm Beach Gardens stores has that the Coral Springs one does not is their prepared food department. "Everything that we have here are provided by two local restaurants, Green Gourmet in Delray and Darbster in Lake Worth. Darbster is a complete vegan and vegetarian restaurant, so all of their offerings are friendly to the vegan and vegetarian people in the area. Then, the Green Gourmet, there's a wide variety of nice fresh salads, meats."

For most people, we can buy the organic foods, take a supplement and switch soaps, but putting everything together can be difficult. "The average person that comes in, that has never shopped at our store, is completely overwhelmed. We have someone that's on staff, that's licensed who can give advice based on her professional experience and her licensing, so people feel very confident in that, and they should."

This is a free service Tunie's offers every customer, and you can see the licensed nutritionists as often as you like.

Plus, everyone on the Tunie's staff is trained to put you on the right track and keep you there. "All of staff are all put through rigorous training. Our vitamin companies sponsored training's. We have dinner training's, pretty much monthly, and they bring in national educators. They talk about specific categories, specific brands. But we also put our cashiers, stockmen and everyone through that. So when people come in, there're not just pointed to another aisle. Every person at the store can talk intelligently about all of our products."

Tunie's is located at 7170 Fairway Drive in Palm Beach Gardens.

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