The house the blind man built

BULLARD, TX (KLTV) - Building his own home has been a lifelong dream, one that Thomas Graham, a Bullard resident, didn't think would ever come true. On a hot, Texas, summer day, Graham is fulfilling his vision.

Thomas says that first cane gave him mobility and his vision back. A vision to build his own home.

"That probably was the first step," he said.

From there, Graham attended a rehabilitation institute in Austin. He took a class called Industrial Art that taught him how to use construction tools.

"Thomas has taken it to a grand scale as far as, you know, building his own home, which is just incredible," Jarret Gist, Orientation and Mobility Specialist at Lighthouse for the Blind, said.

"He's not normal, he's so gifted that, it's just unreal, I've never met a man, even sighted man, this gifted," Evonne Graham, Thomas' wife, said.

It was that strong desire that constantly motivated him

"He's always, ever since I met him, wanted to build a house," she said.

Graham uses nothing but touch to feel where equipment is.

"He took the training that he received a step further because he had the desire to want to do more in that particular area of working with wood," Cathy Hooper, Independent Living Instructor at Lighthouse for the Blind, said.

When frustration strikes, he admits, he may throw things.

"Just hope that the wife or the son isn't standing in the way, ya know," he said.

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