WPB black history gallery facing foreclosure

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - For nearly 20 years, it's showcased West Palm Beach's black history.

Now, the Pleasant City Heritage Gallery could close down.

Eighty-seven-year-old Everee Jimerson Clarke has books of memories and walls of history. "This use to be the West Palm Beach Yankees," she said while flipping through a photo book.

Dozens of pictures describe the black pioneers of West Palm Beach. "This place is so valuable -- you don't even see it because we have music all kind of books and materials on all of this stuff," Clarke said.

The center chronicles West Palm Beach's oldest black neighborhood which is known as Pleasant City. A place, she said, was created by George Currie. "He was the one who plotted this 28 block area of Pleasant City," she added.

The gallery has showcased Pleasant City since 1996.

Now, the gallery off North Dixie Highway, just south of the Northwood Historic District, is facing foreclosure. "We have all of this stuff, and that would be the tragedy of losing it," she said.

The center owes about $400,000 on their mortgage, and it's due on August 13. "You know, I just put it in God's hands because I've done everything I can, " added Clarke.

She says the problem is just people haven't been utilizing the gallery like they once did. "We had classes and some grants, and we don't get any grants now which is one of the main things and people don't have any money," Clarke said.

Hard times now resulting in the loss of memories of historic times. "Is this the end of of the black history here in the city," we asked.

"No, it's not because I'm going to keep it going some kind of way," she added.

What way that is, we'll have to wait to find out.

If you'd like to help you can call 561-396-5855 or send a check, payable to Pleasant City Family Reunion Committee, to Box 4724, West Palm Beach, FL 33402.

For more information visit their Web site.

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