Summer camp accused of leaving kids alone

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX)-- A West Palm Beach summer camp is under scrutiny after a complaint that it left children alone at a water park.

The Department of Children and Families is investigating whether the camp, A Kids World of Creation, abandoned the children on July 17th.

The Palm Beach County Early Learning Coalition pulled its funding after it heard allegations that four children were left alone at the Calypso Bay water park.

"That's like leaving your kids in a hot car," said Shelby Walcher, a parent who was visiting the water park on Monday.

The Early Learning Coalition says a complaint alleged the owner of the first-year camp left four siblings alone during a day trip and that no one realized until the park was cleared for bad weather.

Two days later, a letter to the camp's owner shows the coalition pulled $9,000 of funding, saying owner Natalie Love was dishonest on her application over whether they provided transportation.

Love said the complaint was filed by a parent with a "personal vendetta."

She says she was only watching the kids as a favor for the mother that day and that they were no longer attending the camp.

She says she only left them alone in the park briefly to get something from the car. However, the Florida Department of Children and Families says it is investigating the incident.

The Early Learning Center points out day camp operators do not need licenses to operate, which is why it is extra-important to know who is watching your kids.

"It is very scary. Personally me, I don't take my kids to day camp," said Walcher. Without the money from the Early Learning Center, Love also says she is likely going out of business.

She says she is still deciding whether to appeal the decision to cut off her funding.

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