Viral picture of shore making waves

JUPITER, FL (WFLX) - Cory Gershberg's spur-of-the-moment picture is making waves. "It has gone all over the place," said Gershberg.

His social media accounts have been inundated with friend requests. "I've gotten a hundred since Sunday," he said.

The picture he took seems to show our majestic coast, the key driver of our economy, environment and recreation, under attack by water seeping in from Jupiter Inlet. "I knew exactly what it was. I quickly in airplane mode, grabbed my camera and started taking photos," said Gershberg.

The lifelong Palm Beacher knew the discoloration was only stirred up mud from all the rain we've had, flowing down from communities along the Loxahatchee River.

But after he posted it Sunday, the Health Department started getting dozens of calls.

People were worried polluted discharge from Lake Okeechobee was creating this mess, and that it might be creating the same toxic algae bloom found in the Treasure Coast. "This photo has gone viral and is causing false accusations," said Gershberg.

The health department says 30 people called Wednesday alone, and that they came out here to investigate.

They found no evidence that anything was unsafe. "It's normal. People need to know it's normal. They need to know at the St. Lucie Inlet there is a problem, and we need to address it," said Gershberg.

The health department does say they're watching Jupiter closely because of  what's happening in St. Lucie.

Gershberg says he is all the proof you need things are OK. "I took the picture Sunday, I went snorkeling in it Tuesday," said Gershberg.

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