Palm Springs family makes disgusting water discovery

PALM SPRINGS, FL (WFLX) - Homeless in their own home. That is how a Palm Springs family feels after they make a disgusting discovery surrounding how their water is being piped into their home.

Waleska Vicente and her family now have to use jugs of water to cook, clean and use the restroom after they discovered their water was actually coming from a series of hoses. "Hell, I don't have any other word other than it's been hell," said Vincente.

Vincente never actually had water. "I feel like I'm homeless. I feel homeless, I feel hopeless. I feel like I don't have a home. Like I'm living in home but I don't have one," said Vincented.

When the Village of Palm Springs caught wind of how the family was getting their water, crews came out and shut their water off.

The reason is because of a more than $1,800 past-due water bill the landlord has not touched in three years.

When reached for comment, landlord Robert Massa had no comment or explanation. "That water is baking inside that plastic hose. Yeah, it's not a good situation I'd want to do," said William Davis, Public Service Director with the Village of Palm Springs.

Davis said the hoses are a bacteria farm and could produce E-Coli.

He said his crews will keep the water off until Massa pays his bill.

Davis said if it does not feel right, call your water company and check. "I don't want anybody else to go through this. I want people to open up their eyes. And when they're searching for a place to stay, I want them to cover all bases," said Vincente.

Vincente said she is being evicted and must now find a different place to live.

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