Anti-bullying training session for teachers

LOXAHATCHEE, FL (WFLX) -  The Anti Defamation League is holding a workshop on bullying before school starts.

At least 30 educators from the Palm Beach County will attend a three hour training course at Seminole Ridge High School Monday.

The ADL said students are bullied verbally and through technology, as well.

Organizers focus on behaviors on the Pyramid of Hate chart and try to put a stop to it before it escalates into something worse.

The Anti Defamation League teaches a "No Place for Hate" program in at least 50 schools across South Florida.

They get students to recognize the signs of bullying, like telling racist jokes, stereotyping or making insensitive remarks. The goal is to get students to stand up for their peers by telling others to stop.

Lily Medina, an education director with ADL said,"Even at the first level, like the basic level of calling somebody a name, other students will say hey that's not nice, that's not cool, and we have students who eventually after going through training program, learn the skills, the vocabulary to really stop that kind of behavior."

The school becomes a designated "No Place for Hate School" once they've completed three training courses.

The ADL said bullying not only happens in the hallways, but many students are also taunted online through social media sites.

Organizers said 85 percent of students who are cyber bullied, are bullied at school.

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