Man arrested after roommate found dismembered

GREENACRES, FL (WFLX) - Bond was denied for the Greenacres man who, police say, brutally murdered his roommate Tuesday night.

Update, THU 12 PM: Scott Tobiassen went before a judge Thursday for his first appearance. He's charged with homicide after his roommate, Gerard Longo, was found dead.

According to police, Tobiassen told his friend Tuesday night he killed Longo, and that he quote: "deserved it". Investigators say he even showed her the body.

Right now, police say, the neighborhood is still partially taped off for their investigation --- more than 36 hours after the call to 9-1-1 was made.

Previously: More than 24 hours after the investigation started, police still have a perimeter set up in the Seven Springs apartment complex off 10th Avenue North in Greenacres.

Police released a 911 call from a friend of both the suspect and the victim in the brutal killing.

The suspect is identified as Scott Kenneth Tobiassen, 49. Tobiassen is scheduled to make a court appearance Thursday morning on first degree murder charges.

The victim is identified as Gerard Thomas Longo, 48, who, police say, was found dismembered inside the home.

The friend told dispatchers Tobiassen showed her Longo's body and threatened to to hurt her family if she told anyone. "He was like I just need somebody to talk to. I lost my job. We went over to where he lives and he was like you wont believe what I did," the caller explained. "He says, do you want to see this? I walked into the bathroom, and I screamed. He opened up the shower, and there was a body in there."

The caller, who police aren't identifying, told the dispatcher Tobiassen was out of it. "He was like happy, like I thought it was a joke," said the caller "I can't believe he killed somebody in the bathroom like this. It sounded like he was on drugs. He wasn't making any sense."

It doesn't make sense to neighbor Pam Powell, who says she frequently saw the longtime roommates at the grocery store. "They were both very pleasant together, like they were best friends. I can't believe one could turn on another one like that," said Powell.

She noted the victim was bigger than the suspect. "For Scott to be able to overcome Jerry and do what he did, maybe there was a fatal blow in the beginning and it went off from there," said Powell.

The 911 caller says the suspect wanted what happened inside here, to stay inside here. "Thank God he brought me home. He says you're the only person who knows about this. He said if this gets out I'll know it's you, I'm scared because he knows where I live, where my mom lives.

"I have to call the police. I can't know something like this and not do anything, " said the caller.

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