LA toddler on life support after family says babysitter spanked her

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - A 2-year-old Bossier City girl is on life support after, family members say, a babysitter is spanked her. The little girl, Miley Ray Sharp, has been in the hospital for nearly a month. Family members still don't know exactly what happened the night the 2-year-old was partially paralyzed.  

"She grew up here at the daycare, and she loved everybody. Now, she's scared of everybody," said the toddler's great grandmother Judy McDonald. In surveillance video at McDonald's day care, Miley can be seen jumping up and down, swinging her hands and feet. But family members say, after spending the very next day on July 19 with a babysitter and not at the daycare, she was in the hospital: bruised, partially paralyzed and on life support.

One month later, Miley is still in the hospital, and Mcdonald says they still don't know exactly what happened. "We don't know anymore today than we did on July 19," she said and adds they are waiting on police to give them some answers.

Mark Natale with Bossier City Police tells KSLA News 12 they can't provide any answers at this point, because the investigation is on-going . McDonald says they have tried to piece together what happened through text messages between the child's mother and the friend who was supposed to be babysitting the child that day.  The text messages read that Miley soiled her pants and because of that the babysitter admits to spanking her.  The babysitter goes on to question, "Why do I always get the bad days?"

"It breaks my heart that someone would hurt a child for maybe wetting her pants," said McDonald, but with only vague text messages to go off of, McDonald says what exactly unfolded the night Miley got hurt remains a mystery. "Everyday I go up there to visit and she can't move and it's just devastating," said McDonald.

The toddler is headed to a children's hospital in New Orleans on Friday for more treatment. Bossier City Police say no arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing.

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