Attorney claims more water testing needed in Acreage

THE ACREAGE, FL (WFLX) - Attorney Jack Scarola unveiled new test results during a Tuesday afternoon news conference claiming the groundwater near some cancer victims in The Acreage is contaminated.  It's an area that was designated as a pediatric cancer cluster more than three years ago.

Scarola now wants the Health Department to do more testing after, he claims, his independent tests results in June found radioactive material at ten of the eleven sites tested in the cancer cluster area.

The attorney filed five new lawsuits claiming Pratt and Whitney and Palm Beach Aggregates is responsible for the radioactive contamination.  He said the material is a prime cancer causing agent.

The Health Department conducted testing in 2010 that didn't find any results above national standards and did not find a cause for the cancer cluster designation.

The attorney wants the companies to allow him to test the soil and water on their properties to find a direct cause.  So far, that hasn't happened.

"I have a very difficult time imagining there is a problem that the Florida Department of Health is dealing with, that we know exists today," said Scarola.

A spokesperson for Pratt and Whitney said in a statement, " While we have yet to be served with the complaint, we believe the lawsuit base on comment from Searcy Denney's recent press release, lacks merit and we will vigorously defend the company."  Palm Beach Aggregates has not returned calls for comment.

The Health Department sent a letter to Scarola, telling him to contact the department's legal counsel in the future and urged the attorney to hire an independent consulting firm to analyze the results.

Scarola said all residents in The Acreage should have their water filters up to date and checked regularly.

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