Jupiter family kicked out of Universal

JUPITER, FL (WFLX)--A Jupiter dad says his daughter's sweet sixteen surprise turned into a nightmare when his family was kicked out of Universal Studios in Orlando over the weekend.

"They kicked me out because of my T-shirt," Christian Jarosz said.

Jarosz wore a shirt that clearly said the word police in big letters on the back of it. He is not a police officer and says his brother, who is a New York cop, gave him the shirt.

"I've worn the shirt to Disney and other theme parks. I didn't even think about it when I put it on," Jarosz said.

Jarosz says he was cleared through the security line and was walking with his family to the Blue Man Group show on Saturday night when security officers stopped them.

"He just basically said you can't have that shirt in the park," Jarosz said.

Jarosz says he questioned the policy at first, but then offered to go to a nearby retail store and buy a different shirt so the family could proceed to the show they bought tickets to.

"We wanted to get to the show. This was about our daughter's birthday. So we were like... follow us and we'll go to Billabong and buy a shirt. We got inside and I picked out a shirt for him," Christian's wife Diana Jarosz said.

But the family says that is when more security officers showed up.

"They said don't bother buying another shirt, 'you guys are out of here.' I was like 'what are you talking about? I'm buying the shirt right now!' He said... 'don't buy it. You guys are out of here,' " Jarosz said.

The parents say they did question the officers about the policy and asked to see it in writing.

Meanwhile, the children in the group were crying and confused about what was happening.

"I was thinking... 'what is going on here?' I just want to see Blue Man Group with my friend! I'm just excited that my family took me here. I started getting emotional," 16-year-old Sabrina Jarosz said.

A spokesman for Universal Studios Orlando emailed the following statement:

"The only people we allow in our parks with shirts or other clothing that might identify them as police officers are working law enforcement personnel. This is for everyone's safety and to avoid confusion by our guests. And while we don't discuss specific guest situations, I can tell you it is our practice to clearly explain policy decisions to our guests - and it is not our practice to ask guests to leave our theme parks simply because they ask us questions. I'd invite these guests to contact us if they'd like to have a conversation about what happened."

The Jarosz family says they will likely not visit Universal again.

"They even threatened to arrest us. That really terrified me. I run a school! I've never done anything against the law," Diana Jarosz said.

The family says Blue Man Group refunded them the 500 dollars they spent on the tickets.

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