Four more Dengue fever cases confirmed in Treasure Coast

MARTIN COUNTY, FL (WFLX) - The Florida Department of Health has confirmed four additional cases of Dengue fever on the Treasure Coast. There were 11 previous cases confirmed in the Rio and Jensen Beach areas.

The health department says nine of the cases have affected Martin County residents and six have affected St. Lucie County residents.

The disease cannot be spread person-to-person, just by a mosquito bite.

Residents are being asked to empty any container that has standing water as they serve as prime breeding grounds. "You name it, if it's capable of holding water, it's capable of breeding. That's where we are finding them… tires, it doesn't have a rim on it so it's getting water on it," said Gene Lemire with Martin County Mosquito control.

Symptoms of dengue fever include headache, high fever and joint pain that usually last about a week.

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