Gardens student, family face lawsuit after sex abuse allegations surface

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL (WFLX) - The Benjamin School in Palm Beach Gardens is facing lawsuit after a New York girl claims she was sexually assaulted by a Benjamin school student. 

Administrators at the school are now investigating the matter. 

The family named in the lawsuit denies anything happened. 

The victim in the case however, claims she was forced to have sex against her will and said her alleged attacker filmed the act. 

"Unfortunately money is the only thing that we have available in our system of justice. There is no magic wand. All victims know that they would rather have the magic wand to take away what happened," said Jeff Herman, the attorney for the alleged victim. 

Herman said his client met the then 17-year-old at a model United Nations conference at Yale University in January. 

Herman claims she was invited to the hotel room of the male student where he forcibly had sex with the girl and filmed  the act. 

"Just because someone is friendly, isn't an open invitation that anything can happen," said Herman. 

The lawyer for the family named in the lawsuit was quick to respond on Tuesday. 

"We deny all allegations and have no further comments at this time," wrote Carmen Y. Cartaya, of the law firm McIntosh, Sawran and Cartaya. 

The New Haven Police Department in Connecticut said no charges have been filed and there is no current investigation. 

"Sex abuse happens everywhere. Perpetrators are everywhere. It's not restricted to a certain class or a certain race or a certain group or a certain religion," said Herman. 

The Head of School at the Benjamin School released this statement: 

"We have just received a copy of the lawsuit and we are investigating the allegations. I cannot comment further at this time, except to say that The Benjamin School is fully committed to a secure and safe environment for every member of our school community," wrote Robert Goldberg. 

A court date has yet to be set on the matter.

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