FAU fraternity selling iPhone line spots for charity

BOCA RATON, FL (WFLX) - The launch of the newest Apple iPhone is set to draw lots of interest and long lines as it hits store shelves on Friday.

But if someone does not want camp outside just to get their hands on the sought after device, a South Florida fraternity is willing to do it for a price. "It's one of the most innovative things out there. So that's why people are so dedicated to get the newest one," said Patrick Gober of the Florida Atlantic University chapter Delta Tau Delta.

Gober along with the rest of his nearly 60 fraternity members are not after the phone, but the money. They are selling spots in line. "It's always funny to me that people are so eager to get that phone as soon as it comes out, but they do. And so why not take advantage of that," said Gober.

At the price of $100, Delta Tau Delta members will stake a place in line.

The money though is not for them, it's for charity. "All we do is just hang out with each other and then we end up you know  getting money for the charity and all we did was just hand out with each other," said Gober.

Gober said in 2012, they raised $4,500 for their chapter charity the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

With nearly 60 members in 2013, they are hoping to run out of spots. "None of us are going to get a new phone, I'm sure," said Gober jokingly. "We're poor college kids."

Anyone who wants to help donate for a spot in line can call 321.948.0710 or e-mail Delta Tau Delta.

The fraternity said as of Wednesday, they have sold 20 spots.

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