Mentally challenged man robbed, beaten for game

DELRAY BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Delray Beach police say a mentally challenged man was robbed after he left a store where he bought the new Grand Theft Auto V game.

According to police, Rohan Dawkins saved up for months with money he earned at Home Depot.

On Tuesday, he went to the GameStop on Linton Boulevard and bought the game.

But, police say, on his way to the parking lot, a married couple stole the game and kicked and punched him. "This is what ticks me off. He would come in every week and just give the GameStop $10 toward the new game. And then they took it all from him," detective Peter Sosa said.

Dawkins says he bought the game so he could play with family. "I wanted to play the game with my sister and my cousins. I was buying it for my family and me," Dawkins said.

Police were able to view surveillance video and arrest Tommy Davis and Adele Jones, charging them with strong armed robbery and dealing in stolen property. "We presented Rohan with the lineups, and he did an excellent job and was able to pick them out immediately," detective Sosa said.

But Rohan still doesn't have the game. Police say the couple sold it to a third party to make a quick buck. "It was wrong of them to do that. It wasn't nice and it hurt me," Rohan said.

Police say the couple apologized and even offered to buy Rohan a new game, but they were arrested Thursday.

As of Thursday evening, many people who learned what happened said they wanted to purchase Rohan the game.

Delray Beach police say they are hoping to work something out.

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