Former real estate agent in trouble again

STUART, FL (WFLX) - Police say on Tuesday night Jon Rashotsky refused to stop for their lights and sirens on Federal Highway in Stuart after they spotted him driving erratically.

The former real estate agent was accused in March of stealing millions of dollars from his clients and giving the money to women.

After he was arrested in March and charged with three felonies, bail-bondswoman Trellanie Bray-Poole put up $150,000 to bond him out.

Two independent sources say that as part of his bond Rashotsky was supposed to be on house arrest in Delray Beach.

He promised to show up for court hearings and be confined to his home, with an ankle bracelet. "He was very good with reporting, actually. He reported to us every Monday; every Monday he would call in, sometimes early," said Bray-Poole. "What made him do this?"

But this Monday, she says Rashotsky didn't call. "I was very shocked. He was doing everything he was supposed to do. I assumed he was still home on in-house arrest."

Arrest papers say Tuesday night, Rashotsky responded to an ad for a woman who needed transportation for an escort service.

He was spotted by police driving a car reported stolen.

Cops say he went over 75 miles an hour on Federal Highway, weaving through traffic, and crashed into an embankment before he was captured.

The bail bondswoman says her concern is safety, that she wasn't notified of his alleged escape from house arrest until after he was back in custody.

"Normally they do notify us every time someone cuts off the ankle monitor so we all can get to work on locating them," said Bray-Poole.

It remains unclear where the breakdown in communication happened.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office is responsible for tracking Rashotsky while he's on house arrest.

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