Women busted using stroller, diaper bag to shoplift

PORT ST LUCIE, FL (WFLX) - Two women accused of hiding clothing in a purse and diaper bag under a stroller have been arrested by Port St. Lucie police.

On Sunday night officers were called to Bealls Department Store, at 10135 South US Highway 1, after receiving a report that  two people hid items and then left the store without paying.

The store's loss prevention officer told police that he saw Kathleen Connolly and Gina Rowse take several clothing items into a dressing room.

Connolly, according to the police report, went into the dressing room with a diaper bag and clothing while Rowse entered a separate dressing room with a large purse and clothing.

Investigators say that when the two left the dressing rooms, store security noticed that they had fewer clothes in their hands and the purse and diaper bag appeared to be full.

The police report says that Connelly and Rowse put the diaper bag and purse under the stroller, returned the rest of the clothes then left the store without paying for the items they concealed.

Store security from Bealls tried to stop both Connolly and Rowse however police say they ignored a loss prevention officer and started to walk to their car.

Bealls security told police that Connolly was pushing a stroller and was trying to get past him.  As she was passing him, Connolly picked up her infant child and held him in front of her placing the baby in the middle between Connolly and the loss prevention officer.

Police recovered the stolen property from the purse and diaper bag and took Connolly and Rowse into custody.

Both Connolly and Rowse were taken to the St. Lucie County Jail for booking.

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