WPB looking to change rules on sale of alcohol

Should the city of West Palm Beach change its rules when it comes to the sale of alcohol?

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WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A push to sell beer or wine at your favorite bakery or coffee shop in West Palm Beach is starting to take hold.

Change is in the air. "This is something that customers ask for," said Carole Gallant with Bistro Bistro.

Since Gallant opened Bistro Bistro in 2011, customers keep reminding her something is missing. "When you travel a lot, when you go in Europe, everywhere you go -- whether it is in Italy or France -- a glass of wine at the table in a little bistro is always someething you're looking for."

City laws don't let bakeries, cafes and coffee shops sell alcohol. That's something restaurants only can only, so the city is weighing a change.

This would allow Bistro Bistro and similiar places do something many of their neighbors have done for years. "I think it benefits the small business that is going to do that. It will bring people in to their business, and, hopefully, add to it," said West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio.

The change is part of a broader change. The Palm Beach Zoo may soon sell beer and wine.

At the still-being-built Palm Beach Outlets, Whole Foods wants to let shoppers buy and drink beer or wine. "A glass of wine with a piece of pate, a piece of bread, so, if they find that here, I mean, it's going to make us grow faster and bigger," said Gallant.

She sees the change as a win. "It's not a big, huge industry -- what we have here. It's a small, little family business. So, if we get that, it's going to open a big door for us."

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