WPB mom, daughter died from murder-suicide

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A mother and daughter found dead last month inside a West Palm Beach home died from a murder-suicide, according to the West Palm Beach Police Department and Palm Beach County Medical Examiner's Office.

Pam Brooks and her daughter Alex were discovered dead inside their Gregory Place home on the night of September 12.

The police department confirms officers found multiple wounds on both the mother and daughter from a knife that was found at the residence. Police concluded Pamela murdered Alex and then took her own life.

Alex Brooks had turned 10-years-old a few days before her death.

There's no evidence, no indication to believe this was anything other than a murder, suicide said West Palm Beach Police Chief Vince DeMasi at an afternoon news conference.

He said Alex was awake at the time of the attack. "I would say that she was absolutely conscious and was absolutely aware of what was going on. There's no indication the child was drugged or anything along those lines."

This was not a violent attack by an outsider, the chief said. "My purpose here today was to reduce fear of the community," the chief said.

"This doesn't bring closure. Every day we still don't understand," a friend of Pamela's said.

"This was a very, very sad day. Our community really was upset by it in the sense that these folks had been in that community quite some time. They had lived in that area for a while. A lot of folks knew them," the chief said.

"The person inside Pam's body wasn't really Pam. It was a person that was overridden by depression, extreme depression, alcohol, and who knows what drugs," said family friend Teri Tyson. "It was a gruesome situation and those are the details that we know. It's just horrible. It is unbelievable is what it is. For all of us."

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