Vote to name Palm Beach Zoo's newest monkey

Photo: Palm Beach Zoo
Photo: Palm Beach Zoo

WEST PALM BEACH, FL - It's a boy, and he needs a name! The Palm Beach Zoo is seeking input to choose a name for its youngest primate, a Goeldi's male monkey. The baby monkey is nearly three months old, born on July 19, 2013. An online contest allows the public to vote for a favorite of five choices. Each name begins with a "P," in keeping with the style of the baby monkey's relatives: mother Patricia, father Pipoca and sister Peanut. 

"This little Goeldi's monkey is full of personality," said Nancy Nill, Associate Curator for the Zoo. "He is inquisitive about his exhibit and what zookeepers are doing."       

Nill said the monkey explores the exhibit on his own most of the time, but occasionally he gets scared. When that happens, he hops on the backs of either of his parents, or his sister. 

"He is also very vocal at times, letting keepers know how he feels-- especially when food is involved," added Nill. 

Zookeeper Joey Hone said the monkey's facial color has darkened from when he was younger, but his face still isn't as dark as the adult Goeldi's monkeys. His face is expected to darken even more as he continues to age. Hone chose the five "P" names, from which the public can decide which name they want for the baby monkey. 

•    Paco – "free one" 
•    Pax – "peace" 
•    Pepe – variation of "José," the Spanish form of "Joseph," meaning "God will increase" 
•    Percy – "piercing the valley" 
•    Prince – "son of a soverign (king)" 

The public can vote for a favorite name every day at ( The winning name will be announced during the final costume contest during "Boo at the Zoo," on Sunday, October 27, 2013, at 3 p.m. The baby monkey can be seen at exhibit #28 on the Palm Beach Zoo map.