Watch Fox 29 on your phone with Dyle TV

Introducing Dyle, the breakthrough mobile TV service that allows viewers to enjoy live, local and national television on their mobile devices – all without needing 3G or WiFi or tapping into their wireless data plans.

With Dyle, you can enjoy live local news, weather, entertainment, sports, national programming and other can't-miss televised events – all on their mobile devices, and all currently for free.

Using a special broadcast signal, Dyle allows you to tune in to Fox 29 live without needing 3G or WiFi. This is completely separate from cellular service.

Dyle mobile TV is a technology that uses airwaves specifically reserved for TV – it doesn't use 3G, 4G, or Internet airwaves; therefore, no streaming is involved.

Unlike these other ways to watch video on cell phones or tablets, an unlimited number of viewers can watch Dyle at the same time without buffering or streaming issues.

You can be moving and still watching Dyle as the mobile broadcast technology is designed to work if a consumer is moving around, walking or even in a car or on a train.

It's a breakthrough way to enjoy live local television with no additional cell usage charges. All you need is a Dyle-enabled device, like a smartphone or tablet, and to download the free app "Dyle Mobile TV".

Devices in the market (Available at RadioShack & Amazon)

  • Audiovox mobiletv receiver (iOS and Android accessories
  • Samsung Galaxy S® Lightray™ from MetroPCS (smartphone with mobile TV receiver built in)
  • Elgato EyeTV Mobile TV Tuner (iOS accessory)
  • Escort MobileTV Receiver (iOS accessory)
  • Belkin Mobile TV Receiver (iOS accessory)
  • Audiovox mobiletv receiver (iOS and Android accessories)

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