Trust fund set up for Kimberly Lindsey's daughters

Photo: Daughters of Kim Lindsey Trust
Photo: Daughters of Kim Lindsey Trust

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office says it is following up on two scenes related to murder of Kimberly Lindsey.

One is in Miami, where the prime suspect in the case, Lindsey's ex-husband Albert Lambert, overdosed. The other is in Hendry County, where Lindsey's body was discovered. "Obviously with the search warrant that's in Miami, we're going to be down there. We'll be back there in the Glades out there at the crime scene.  And it's really, it's just follow up. Wrapping up loose ends," said Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw.

Sheriff Bradshaw says there is no doubt in his mind that Lambert killed Lindsey. "We want to know if there was a suicide note, we want to know what the sister or the boyfriend knew about the situation down there."

The sheriff added, "And you know, the real shame here is you got three kids now that have lost their mother and that have lost their father.  So they are orphans.  And that's the real shame of what happens in these instances where domestic things go bad."

A trust fund has been set up for Lindsey's three daughters. Anyone who wants to contribute can send a check or money order to: Daughters of Kimberly Lindsey Trust to Mitchell Kitroser PA, 8895 N Military Trail, Suite C-201, Palm Beach Gardens 33410 or on line, using PayPal, at

Students are in class at Bak Middle School, where Kimberly Lindsey worked as a school nurse. Educators have been working to sensitively address the issues of her death with students. The school plans to name the nurse's office after Lindsey. 

Ronald J. Wiewora, MD, MPH, Chief Executive Officer/Chief Medical Officer, Health Care District of Palm Beach County issued this statement Monday: 

"It is with great sadness that I write this message. All week we held out hope that our School Nurse, Kimberly Lindsey, would be found safe and sound after she did not report to work at Bak Middle School of the Arts on Monday. We understand that investigators have confirmed her death. I extend our deepest sympathies to Kimberly's family, friends and immediate co-workers and to all of our School Nurses and Health Care District employees. This has been an extremely difficult and emotional time and I appreciate everyone showing their support for those who are grieving. To assist in this process, we will have grief counseling available for our School Health staff. To us, Kimberly will always be remembered for her love of nursing, going above and beyond to help students in need, and providing kind, compassionate, quality care to students in the school health room. We will miss her."

Funeral arrangements for Lindsey are pending.

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