AUDIO: Lindsey, Lambert fought in court days before murder

Text message sent to Lindsey from Lambert
Text message sent to Lindsey from Lambert

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A divorce between Kimberly Lindsey and Albert Lambert had been final since February. Yet just two days before investigators said Lindsey was killed, she and her ex-husband had a tense exchange during a court appearance.

The contentious banter occurred during an evidentiary meeting regarding late child support payments. "Did I not ask you, 'Yes, we can solve this without… let's stop bringing the attorneys into it, and let's resolve it between ourselves, all the problems, instead of dragging it into court?'" asked Lambert while questioning his wife.

Lindsey responded quickly as her lawyer Joseph Fields stood by. "No, I felt I was threatened to do what you wanted me to do," said Lindsey.

The exchange was recorded on October 25, 2013.

Investigators have since requested it as part of their case. "I called him and let him know it was late and the typical response was it's not his problem," said Lindsey when asked by a judge about the late child support payments.

Her lawyer attempted to make the case the former married couple had a rough relationship. Fields asked Lambert about a specific text message he sent Lindsey and then proceeded to read it to the judge. "Look, at your pathetic self first. You are a welfare mother just like the ones you always made fun of. Look at what you have become. I can't wait for the judge to sign the final divorce, so I don't have to deal with your pathetic greed, except why I am forced to pay you, leech. I just hope our kids never become like you and are able to stand up for themselves and take care of themselves. Not some parasite like you," read Fields.

Lambert was quick to respond. "Those are my words I placed in the text when I was upset after she insinuated I wasn't going to take care of my kids," said Lambert.

Lambert, who represented himself, continued to put blame on the system. His frustration eventually over as the judge asked him if he wanted to make the payments or go to jail. "I don't think anyone wants to go to jail. But I somewhat see it. I got to tell you, I see the way the system is going, and I see almost an adept ability. Because no matter what you do is right, it's wrong," said Lambert.

The judge gave Lambert 10 days to make his payments current. If Lambert failed to do so, he would have been arrested.

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