High winds & tide keeping fisherman in port

MARTIN COUNTY, FL (WFLX) - We're into the last month of hurricane season, and so far, so good.

But even a minor temper tantrum from Mother Nature, such as high winds and high tides, can still cause major problems for some businesses.

At the docks in Port Salerno, no one headed out Monday to find their catch. The wind is just too much. "This will put a damper on things until it calms down a little bit," said commercial fisherman George Maib.

It was a day to work on new nets or just look out at the water because nothing was going to be tipping the scales at the docks. "It's just like farming. We're farming the ocean and some days it's good and some days it's bad," said Maib.

It's not just the commercial fishermen who take a hit on a day like Monday. It's everyone who works at the commercial docks. "It affects the other people like the people that pack the fish.  They're not able to work if the fishermen don't work," said Barbara Thomas.

Thomas said her father went home early when he found out there was nothing coming in.

At Sandsprit Park Ryan Hardy did go out for about an hour Monday. "I've got to come out here almost every day, so I've got to suck it up," said Hardy.

He went out mainly to test the repairs he made to his boat.

He did find a few sand perch but admitted it wasn't easy. "It was hard. I threw the net 10 times and only caught fish one or two times," said Hardy.

While there are no more signs indicating the water on the Treasure Coast is toxic, this week's weather is just one more thing fishermen find themselves swimming up against.

At Bathtub Beach, at the south end of Stuart, the dunes are holding up fine so far.  Martin County has spent $1.5 million since 2008 on dune and other emergency patch jobs.

Last month, the county agreed to a public private partnership with the Sailfish Point community to redesign and renourish that stretch of sand.  But right now, the county doesn't have its half of the money earmarked so the hope is this week's winds and waves don't create major problems there.

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