Miami child left with stitches and bruises after pit bull attack

MIAMI (WFLX) - A young South Florida boy is home from the hospital and speaking out after suffering a "bad bite" from his neighbor's pit bulls. Axel Donado was attacked by two pit bulls in Miami-Dade last week.

His mom was outside walking the family's pet Chihuahua when he was attacked. "He has 16 stitches right here," said his mom. "He has three inside the ear. He has seven right here, and a bruise on his back"

"My poor kid just came out to see what was going on," said the boy's father. "He heard his mom screaming; then, he got attacked out of nowhere."

Now, the dog's owners face thousands in fines.

Pit bulls are illegal in Miami-Dade. The dogs are being quarantined for now.

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