Flagler Bridge reopening by Friday

Do you think it's worth spending millions of dollars to temporarily repair the Flagler Memorial Bridge?

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - The Flagler Memorial Bridge will reopen as early as Thursday, but no later than noon Friday, officials said.

Two lanes will open, and trucks will be allowed to travel on the bridge.

The bridge is "sound" and "safe" for traffic, according to the Florida Department of Transportation.

On Nov. 12, a locking mechanism broke, causing it to be stuck in an upward position. Vehicles have been rerouted to the Royal Park Bridge located to the south.

The bridge will open once an hour to prevent wear and tear and keep traffic moving. Additional settlement is unlikely, unless foundation work is being done, officials said Thursday.

Future mechanical problems are not out of question because of the age of bridge, said FDOT.

Officials said they will change the approach of new bridge construction before work resumes on May 1. The foundation will be redesigned/reengineered to reduce vibrations during construction.

Additional crews and equipment may be added in May to make up for six months of lost time due to these problems.

Delayed construction will add millions of dollars to cost of new bridge which is still expected to open in 2016.

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