Woman searches for her 'hero' after near drowning in Jupiter

JUPITER, FL (WFLX) - A tourist visiting Florida who nearly drowned off the coast of Jupiter is ona mission to find the man she says saved her life. 

Kathryn Goe was not far out from shore at Carlin Park when she realized that she was in trouble. Someone pulled her out of the water. But who - and where - is he?

It seemed like a perfect day at the beach for Goe. It was January 21 of this year. Goe had come from her home in North Carolina to visit her family in the Jupiter area.

"I was a little bit afraid because there were yellow flags that were up," she said.

A dip in the water off of Carlin Park quickly turned into a moment of panic. "I wanted to go back to shore and for some reason, I couldn't swim toward the shore." Goe was going under the water and needed help.

"There was some man that was standing on the shore," she said. But it seemed like forever before that man noticed that she was in distress. He swam out to her, she said. "He said 'grab my wrist' and that's what I did." The man was able to pull Goe to shore and to safety.

Exhausted from the ordeal, Goe and the man quickly went their separate ways without exchanging names or contact information.

Since that time, Goe has been on a mission to find the man that saved her life - her 'hero', she said. Goe has even tried to locate the man by posting on websites such as Craigslist. So far, she has had no luck in finding him.

"I have this person who saved my life and I don't know that I ever even thanked him," she said.

It has been ten months now, and Goe is still trying to find the man who dove in to find her. "Every time I think about him, it makes me want to cry."

If you are that 'hero' or you know who that man is, you can contact Goe via email.

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