Clock ticking to save Royal Palm child's sight

ROYAL PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - The frustration on 18-month-old Giulliana Colamarco's face shines through every time she realizes something is missing.

"When she started to walk she would fall down or hit the walls," said her mother, Patricia Colamarco .

It's hard to say how much Giulliana sees out of her right eye which is badly crossed.  "I cry a lot because I see my child suffering."

If Giulliana's esotropia isn't cured by Christmas, her vision could be beyond repair.  The Royal Palm Beach residents are undocumented immigrants from Ecuador.

They have no health insurance and her husband's job cleaning hotels doesn't pay enough for them to afford the $2,500 surgery.  "It's enough only to eat and to live," said Colamarco.

Although Dr. Jeffrey Perlman has volunteered through the Caridad Center to do the surgery, they still don't have the money for the anesthesiologist.

He says Giulliana's situation shows access to care for so many, is woefully lacking. "The clock is ticking," said Dr. Perlman . "These children need the attention at this age to fix this problem."

Because of their immigrant status in the United States, Patricia says her family was afraid to come forward to ask for help.  But she has faith the right person will hear her call. "I am afraid I might get in trouble," said Colamarco. "I know that somebody will help us."

Her daughter's sight depends on it.

Anyone willing to help can call the Caridad Center at 855-664-8214.

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