Shooting suspect runs into family's home

LAKE WORTH, FL (WFLX) - Residents are speaking out after a shooting suspect ran into their home Sunday morning leading to a two hour standoff in Suburban Lake Worth.

The family had no idea who was in their home or why.

They also had no idea that just a half a mile away, a man had been shot and killed, one shooting suspect taken into custody, and another was on the loose in their house. "I didn't know him at all," one resident said, who wanted to remain unidentified.

The resident said the man was known in the neighborhood but not to the family.

She says her brother would have friends come through the back door.

But on Sunday, a stranger came through telling residents he didn't want to go back to jail.

This happened after three men were at an abandoned home on the 5900 block of Ithica Circle.

One of the three men shot and killed another.

One of the men surrendered at the scene to authorities. Another man ran off to the home near Edgecliff Ave. and Lincoln Cir. W.

The resident inside called her godmother, who lived nearby, who was wondering why authorities were swarming her home. "Just talked to me on the phone. She kept me calm," the resident said.

The resident said she and her Godmother were then put on a three way call with law enforcement, so the resident could tell authorities who was in the home. She says she decided to step outside, authorities being told to hold fire. "I knew I wanted to get out of my house. That's it."

She says, she wanted to show the family was not involved. She felt safer outside. "I didn't want my mom to pass away I didn't want to go down. I just wanted to step outside calmly."

Authorities were able to take the suspect into custody without having to fire any shots.

The resident says she still feels safe in her home, but one thing will change. "It won't happen like that again because my brother is not going to open the back door."

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office is still trying to determine which of the two suspects they have in custody shot and killed the third man they were with.

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