Moms admit re-using diapers to stretch dollar

BOYNTON BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A story that hits home for a lot of parents: Did you know one in three families can't afford the basics -- such as diapers -- for their children?

On Monday, volunteers sent out diapers to 10 Bridges Neighborhood Centers to help hundreds of families. "If I can't pay my rent, I could just rent a room just to make sure that I have the things for the kids instead of running out," said Boynton Beach resident Katiana Olius.

Parents often spend $1,000 a year on diapers.  It's a basic thing; yet, you may be surprised to hear how great the need is.

For roughly a third of parents, buying diapers is a struggle. "People that have the means, they just go and buy what they need. These families don't have that. They have to decide between diapers and food. They have to decide between going to a medical appointment where they have to actually catch the bus to get there or buying diapers," said Kemberly Bush with Bridges of Boynton Beach.

It's such a struggle for so many families; there is even National Diaper Need Awareness Week, and help, like this, goes a long way.

The diapers being given away were actually given to the Palm Beach County Food Bank by a faith-based non-profit from Missouri.

To put the need into context, some moms have actually said they have had to re-use diapers to stretch their dollar.

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