Local teachers concerned after Colorado shooting

BOCA RATON, FL (WFLX) -- Even thousands of miles away, the images of a school shooting, strikes fear in Edith Pride.

"It could have been me," the teacher at Boca Raton elementary said. "You think, 'thank you God, it wasn't me.'"

Pride takes pride in how she disciplines youngsters in her Boca Elementary reading room.

She says her school's four-step discipline process keeps teachers, parents and kids connected.

"Everyday is a new day. A new day for that child to start all over," said Pride. "You're back and track with a green everyday, a good start. You can lose the green, but there's always a way to work yourself back up."

But Dwyer High School teacher Ellen Baker says there are alarming signs in the way older students react to a teacher's firm stance.

"I'm not afraid to discipline my students," said Baker. "However there is some pushback. For the first time this year I've been addressed as bro."

She's concerned pop culture and parents have instilled in youngsters a sense of entitlement that could lead to anger when detention or extra homework is handed out.

"They just come in with a defensive mode," said Baker. "There has been excuses made as to why their child did something, as though it was because of me."

For all that, Pride says nothing should change, despite searing images of another American school in crisis.

"You can't teach in fear. You've got to trust and have faith in something. I believe God has my back and I'm watching. That's all I can do."

Baker is also the VP of the teachers union and she says it's important for the district and teachers to work together on integrating older students back into the classroom who have recently been in trouble with the law.