Stores with the best return policies

(WFLX) - In the season of giving, receiving and returning, some are comparing and contrasting return policies at chain stores.

A 30-day time limit is very common among retailers, but "Kiplinger" has released a list of 11 stores with generous return policies .

Among them is Nordstrom.

While each item is seen on a case-by-case basis, the store does not have a return policy, and there are no time limits for returns or exchanges.

Costco offers longer than typical windows for returns and exchanges, and receipts are not required because the store can track purchases on customers' accounts.

"Kiplinger" List of Retailers with Generous Return Policies: 

- Anthropologie 
- Bath & Body Works 
- Bloomingdale's 
- Costco 
- JC Penney 
- Kohl's 
- L.L. Bean 
- Macy's 
- Nordstrom 
- REI 
- Zappos has released a comparison chart of store policies, which includes information on holiday policies and free return shipping.

Experts say, you should include a gift receipt when you give a gift, so they can get credit for the full amount of purchase.  Also, if you receive a gift that you don't like, act quickly to take it back to the store and don't damage the packaging or you may have to pay a restocking fee.

For details on all retailers, find complete details about return policies on company Web sites.

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