Blind dog and buddy looking for their forever home

PALM CITY, FL (WFLX) - Meet Bella and Jolly. "They are very happy dogs; they are very playful," said Candice Veach.

Playful to the point that they're inseparable. "They are a bonded pair. They absolutely love each other. Jolly is the caretaker of Bella who's her roommate," said Veach.
But the two aren't even related -- not even the same breed.
Bella is an Australian Shepard and is blind, but thanks to the sound her lab buddy makes, Bella stays the course. "She actually follows Jolly's collar by the jingle on the bell, and that's how she knows how to eat, how to run, where to go. She just follows her everywhere," said Candice Veach.
The dogs were brought in together to the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast last month. 
The search is on to find a new home. "One may be blind, but it has it's buddy with him, and they're great dogs," said Candice Veach.
Candice is hopeful the two will be adopted together by the end of the year. "They are the best dogs we have in he facility, just the bond have together, and the love and compassion, and these dogs show you what friendship is all about," said Candice Veach.
For more information, visit the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast.

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