Obama's half brother claims father was abusive

(WFLX) - President Obama's half brother has written an autobiography claiming their late father was abusive.

Mark Obama Ndesanjo's says he's trying to set the record straight on some points from President Obama's best-selling memoir "Dreams from My Father".

In the book, the president seeks to learn more about their father, who was a mostly absent figure, after finding out about his death in a car crash in 1982. "It's a correction. A lot of the stuff that Barack wrote is wrong in that book, and I can understand that because, to me, the book for him was a tool for fashioning an identity," said Ndesanjo. "It was a tool, and he was using it, and he was using composites."

The president's half-brother says he wanted to use his family's story to raise awareness of domestic abuse.

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