Operation Happy Holiday lands 45 in jail

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL (WFLX) - Port St. Lucie police have announced the results of their second annual "Operation Happy Holiday" - an effort to control drug use, prostitution and illegal weapons.

In a news conference Thursday morning, police said, they've arrested 45 people over the past three months during the operation.

During that time, police also seized five guns, 25 pounds of marijuana, more than 200 pills, heroin, four cars and nearly $9,000. 
Police say they also shut down a meth house.

Investigators say most of the arrests came from tips from the community -- something, they say, is vital to keeping the community safe. "You know, not every complaint results in an arrest, but I would say 50-60 percent of the time what they're saying, what, they say, they see is what they really see and it's vital," said Port St. Lucie Police Detective Sergeant Charlie Lumpkin.

Police say they are still looking for four other people and have issued warrants for their arrest.

They were identified as Melissa Ann Nunziato, Jose Carrasquillo, Kristen Cuadrado and Kenneth Cobb. They are all from Port St. Lucie.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Port St. Lucie police.

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