Teen shames texting drivers

BOCA RATON, FL (WFLX) - From a passenger seat in her mother's car, a teen in Boca Raton is trying to stop you from texting while driving. Mia Evans says a little shame goes a long way.

Every time she spots a texting driver, she gets excited. Excited to shame them with her blunt stop sign that says, "Caught ya!! Stop texting and driving!"

"I think it's more effective when a teen or a kid tells someone, more than when another adult tells another adult," said Evans.

She's helping police keep an eye on the roads. Since October, FHP says, 30 tickets have been written in Palm Beach County for T-W-D.

She can't stand sloppy drivers. "Even if you just glance at a text message, something bad could happen just like that," said Evans.

Her theory: A stern reminder goes a long way; although, putting herself out there to strangers does take bravery. "I've never had anyone get mad," said Evans. "They usually give a little nod showing that they understand it's not good."

She got the idea after Rabbi Jessica Brockman at Temple Beth El in Boca assigned her a good deed project in the run-up to her bat mitzvah which is three months away. "It's taking something that's broken in the world and fixing it. There's a concept in Judaism of repairing the world, that you do everything you can to make this works a better place," said Brockman.

The scariest thing she and her mother, Ellari, have noticed is when you look for driving texters -- they're easy to find, but are often so in their own world -- they don't even notice they've been caught red-handed.

"They're so focused on their phone, they don't pay attention to their driving or their surroundings either."

She already has more than 100 likes on her Facebook page and has ordered 500 signs to give out to her friends.

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