Nor'easter causes ripple effect at South Florida airports

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Thousands of flights have been canceled, stranding would-be air passengers at terminals nationwide until the winter weather subsides. The ripple effect from the storm is reaching deep into South Florida.

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Flights were suspended around 6 a.m. Friday at New York's JFK International Airport due to zero visibility and snow, the port authority said.

"High hopes," said Gary Jacobs. "Expect the worst, and hope for the best." Jacobs and his family - including the dog - was trying to get home to Long Island from Palm Beach International Airport on Thursday evening. But the Nor'easter impacting about one-third of the nation has grounded the Jacobs' flight plans. 

Other air passengers were rushing to get to their gates at PBIA only to find out their plane was not even there. "I hope I can get in on time," said Kate Hagerdorn. "I hope I can get home from the airport OK." Hagerdorn was aiming to be in Philadelphia by Thursday night. But a glance at a nationwide weather report showed a very different travel forecast ahead. "This Nor'easter is hitting everyone."

Thousands of flights have been canceled as the worst of the weather bares down on the region Friday.

"I was supposed to fly tomorrow and I changed my flight because of the storm," said Rick Klein of New York. 

Many airlines were allowing passengers to make free itinerary changes ahead of the storm. Experts say it could take about a day - maybe longer - to get flight schedules back on track.

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