High water strands St. Lucie residents

FORT PIERCE, FL (WFLX) - The Colony Court Apartments, off of South Seventh Street, are surrounded by a lake of deep rain water. As of mid-Friday afternoon, there was no way in and now way out.

Good Samaritans have been volunteering to use their boats and SUVs to take residents to and from their homes.

Everything inside is ruined. The residents say at the worst of it happened last night -- the water was three feet high inside their homes. "Last night, I was in the house. It happened to rise probably like 30 minutes it came just like that. Came through the front door, back door, and the window," said Darien Stuckee

Some St. Lucie County Commissioners showed up and are trying to find boats and a bus to get stranded residents to a shelter. 

Residents say they've dealt with flooding before -- but never anything like this. The Red Cross is also on their way to help.

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