Stolen fort returned to brain cancer survivor

JUPITER, FL (WFLX) - Stolen in the midst of a stressful move -- a Jupiter brain cancer patient was smiling on Wednesday night after a neighbor found and returned his play fort taken from him. 

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office confirmed the stolen fort was found after someone abandoned it just off of Indiantown Road in Jupiter Farms. "I'm in my own little house!" screamed Brock Smith, an 8-year-old cancer patient who lost his fort. 

Just when little Brock never thought he would see his play fort again, he was back inside it. "That's our bed," said Brock Smith. "That's where our TV goes!" 

The fort was built by his father, Steve Smith, who constructed it for him to play in during intense, sensitive treatments. 

While the family was moving, someone stole his coping mechanism. 
But hours after the word got out, whoever had it, dumped it on the side of the road. "Maybe their conscious kicked in a little. Maybe that superseded everything and made them do the right thing," said Steve Smith. 

Steve said a neighbor spotted the fort, called PBSO and guarded it until everyone arrived. 

"He'll remember this for life. It shows him what happens if you take something from somebody and also lets him know you don't want to take something from somebody because now he knows what he feels like," said Steve Smith. 

The fort, still sitting on the trailer, will eventually be set in a deep foundation. 
Inside the fort, Brock is pretty happy. 

"Because I like it!" yelled Brock Smith. 

He has a message to whoever took his fort. 

"Thanks for giving it back," said Brock Smith. 

Some of the items left inside the fort were taken and never given back. 

The Smith family said those items can be replaced, the fort cannot be replaced.

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