Unemployment benefits Web site woes

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - "If it had been the old system they said they could have done it in five minutes with me on the phone," said Jacqueline, who is still waiting for her unemployment check.

That's what Jacqueline waited on hold more than two hours to hear. Florida's unemployment benefits CONNECT Web site has had major technical issues for almost three months now.

"Because of a little button that's missing, yeah," said Jacqueline.

One of the biggest issues: The button you would click to claim your money each week, Jacqueline says, is missing. Jacqueline hasn't received a check in eight weeks. Jacqueline told the $1,800 she's owed is coming.

"When is soon, what do you consider soon," said Jacqueline.

But the runaround may end this week. At the request of U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, federal officials will soon be arriving in Tallahassee. Their mission: come up with a way to pay out the claims now and deal with fixing the website later.

Jacqueline's church paid her electric bill last month. The stress has made finding a job more difficult.

"I haven't even had gas money to get to an interview or that kind of thing," said Jacqueline.

Senator Nelson says federal officials will stay in the Capital until the site is functional.

"The people you call have no control over what's happening and that's basically what they are telling me," said Jacqueline.

The Executive Director for the Florida Department of Economic Development said in a statement today:

"We will soon welcome a technical assistance team here in Florida to help confer on possible workarounds for claimants still experiencing delays."

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