Diver recalls being victim of hit & run

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A diver, who was struck by a boater and hospitalized, is speaking out for the first time. An investigation is underway to identify the boater who left the scene of the accident.

Meanwhile, the diver, 48-year-old Jorge Caba, is speaking from the hospital about what his lawyer and doctor discussed during a press conference Thursday.

Caba was spear fishing off the coast of Palm Beach Sunday when, he says, a boat ran him over hitting him with the boat's propeller.

Caba says he had a dive flag and bouy out to let boaters know he was in the area. At first, his friends on the boat tried to follow the other boat to tell them what had happened. The other boat kept going.

Caba says his friends decided, instead, to rush him to the hospital. He says it's been a traumatic ordeal, especially since his 12-year-old girl was on the boat at the time. "In this moment, I was swimming, and I saw the boat coming to me. And I tried to avoid the boat on the right side. The boat did not hit me in the head, but it took me through the propeller to the back side of the boat."

FWC told us they are investigating who was in the boat the time. Caba will be released from the hospital in a day or two for rehabilitation.

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