Teachers unhappy after pay raise vote

MARTIN VCOUNTY, FL (WFLX)-- Some teachers may call it quits in Martin County. On Thursday night the school board voted on pay raises and extra income for teachers.

The vote angered teachers.

"It's a slap in the face," says math teacher Liz Barnard.

"A lot of frustration," says teacher Dana Stipo.

The Martin County school board voted in favor of the school district's salary and performance schedules. It uses a formula to calculate raises. The union, Martin County Education Association, wanted a scale based more on performance.

Teachers will get an average raise of $2,200.

The board also voted to freeze extra money teachers get for working at western zone schools and the money teachers receive as reimbursement as they pursue advanced degrees.

Martin County says they can't afford it especially since they're looking at another tight budget next year.

"I understand they have a budget crisis but who doesn't have a budget crisis," says Dr. Paula Hall, who teaches advanced science classes, "There are ways to do it without cutting teachers pay."

Some teachers say they're done with Martin County. In addition to Thursday's vote, teachers are upset over the two furlough days this school year and the higher cost of healthcare.

"St. Lucie is looking really good were the exact same words I heard from at least four people sitting around me," says Barnard.

"My resume is updated, written, ready to go," says Dr Hall.

Thursday's meeting ended a month-long debate between the union and the school board.

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